About the Cards

With 120 unique Setup Cards, 120 unique Perpetrator Cards, 120 unique Incident Cards, and 36 unqiue Conclusion Cards, there are literally millions of cominbations.

Setup Cards

Setup Cards start off every great excuse with a boom! They’re played first and followed by an incident card.

Perpetrator Cards

The Perpetrator card is where you shift the blame because, 'cmon, it's never your fault. This type of card played second and followed by an incident.

Incident Cards

Incident Cards are the bread and butter of your excuse. They detail what the perpetrator did and justifies your excuse. They’re played third.

Conclusion Cards

Conclusion Cards are played towards by everyone. They really set the mood for the round.

How to Play

What’s Your Excuse is very easy to learn. You combine a Setup, Perpetrator, and an Incident Card and play it toward a Conclusion Card to come up with the funniest excuse.

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