1. How is What's Your Excuse? different from other card games?

You must think quickly and creatively, making it the perfect game to get those brain juices flowing!

Most games of this style put the full answer on the card, but What's Your Excuse? has only a word on it. This helps spark an idea while letting you come up with the rest on your own.

2. Where can I buy this game?

It can be purchased here on our website and in select stores in the St. Louis metro area. We're working on getting it to as many stores as possible!

3. Do you have any other products?

The game is our main priority right now, however we do have ideas for future expansion packs.

4. Does my excuse need to be realistic/believable?

Not at all. You're free to make up any scenario - that's the fun of it. It's up to the blue card reader to pick their favorite answer at the end of each round.

5. What if there are two words on my orange card, e.g. Brother/Sister?

You can use either word in your excuse, or both if you would prefer.